6 Reasons Why the iPhone X Display is the Best We’ve Ever Seen

We’ve all heard about the revolutionary iPhone X display. The stunning OLED display has been a hot topic among the tech corridors and everyone has been wondering if it actually fits the promise. The experts at DisplayMate say it definitely does. The new iPhone not only has the best display out there but has practically

Fret Zealot: The Easier Way to Learn Guitar

If you thought Guitar Hero was the best way to learn how to play the six-stringed miracle, it’s time to think again. Fret Zealot is the new (and our favorite) way to learn the guitar. If you have tried and struggled with the scales, strings, finger positioning and memorization, this gadget will definitely help you

Unsold Camera Glasses Cost Snap $40 million

Snap, the US-based maker of SnapChat, lost $40 million on unsold camera glasses called Spectacles. The losses were “primarily related to excess inventory reserves and inventory purchase commitment cancellation charges”, the company informed. The losses form about 9% of Snap’s losses from July to September this year. Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel admitted that the company

Drive Safe With This Simple Yet Awesome Gadget

Drop Stop is a really cool gadget that can save your money, time, and maybe even your life. You must have noticed that annoying hole between the seat and the console in your car where things like loose change, makeup, food, and even your phone are bound to fall in. Then comes long minutes of

Get Perfect Cake Slices Every Time

Experiment and reinvent in the kitchen! This simple yet genius kitchen gadget will make baking a lot more simple and fun. Whether you want perfect cake slices or would just like to experiment, this cake mold would do a great job.  This mold will help you have the perfect slices so that you never overdo

Adorable Robot Helper and Nanny

Have a smart home helper in Kuri, the adorable robot nanny. If you live with kids or pets (or both!) and keep fussing about how things are at home whenever you’re out, this home robot might be the ultimate solution.   The Gadget: Kuri is a 20-inch tall robot with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, speakers, wheels,

The Gadget That Will Help You Sleep Better

Slumber in peace and say goodbye to tiredness. If you keep wondering how to sleep better or are searching for a cure for insomnia, Sense Sleep System can help. This is perhaps one of the coolest gadgets around when it comes to tracking your sleep and making sure you get all the rest you need