The Gadget That Will Help You Sleep Better


Slumber in peace and say goodbye to tiredness. If you keep wondering how to sleep better or are searching for a cure for insomnia, Sense Sleep System can help. This is perhaps one of the coolest gadgets around when it comes to tracking your sleep and making sure you get all the rest you need to wake up feeling energized.

The Gadget:

Sense is a smart home gadget that you can put on your bedside table. Sense helps you sleep well by working as a sleep tracker and an alarm clock. A tiny sleep pill (included with the product) can be clipped onto your pillow at night, and that’s it. There is no need for charging or wearing anything while you sleep.

If you have difficulty falling asleep, sense will play ambient sounds like white noise so that you can relax.

Sense works on voice command, just tell it when you would like to wake up and it will play a gentle alarm while you are in the lightest phase of your sleep cycle. This makes sure that you do not wake up feeling groggy and tired. But don’t worry, it will never let you get late!

Sense not only allows you to track but also to interpret your sleep patterns. It will provide you with a sleep score and help you understand why you slept the way you did. You can still gain valuable insights that will help you find your optimal sleeping environment.


Sense comes in two colors- cotton and charcoal (a rather fancy way of saying white and black) and includes a sound machine, sleep monitor, and a sleep alarm. If you are with a partner, they can monitor their sleep with the same system too. Just buy an extra Sleep Pill and you are set.

Should You Buy It?

We think Sense is an incredibly cool gadget. With the numerous benefits that nights of healthy sleep can provide you with (read decreased risk of heart disease and stroke, increased creativity and productivity, etc.), Sense feels like an investment that will gradually pay off.

The Price: $149

Check it out here!


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