Adorable Robot Helper and Nanny

kuri the robot nanny cool gadgetHave a smart home helper in Kuri, the adorable robot nanny. If you live with kids or pets (or both!) and keep fussing about how things are at home whenever you’re out, this home robot might be the ultimate solution.

The Gadget:
Kuri is a 20-inch tall robot with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, speakers, wheels, and an infectious smile. Kuri listens and responds to your voice commands and looks at you smiling with its eyes.
This lovable home helper can patrol your house, notice if anything is out of the ordinary, and send you a video clip on your phone of the same. It can send you alerts and you can respond to them using its inbuilt speakers.
Kuri can detect objects and walls using lasers so will not run into them or fall off edges. This cool gadget can sync with IFTTT and play music, podcasts, or read stories to your kids.

This gadget can transverse different types of flooring, so you would not have to lift it up once it is in your house.
It can also learn your routine and function around your house accordingly. It will make sure you never get late for work again and greeting you when you come back.
This little robot has 3 hours of battery life and will connect to your devices via an android or iOS app.

Should you buy it?
Kuri would be your perfect robot companion if you live with kids. It is a helpful addition to the household that requires gadgets for kids’ safety. The robot does noot have a large amount of smart home integration but we can expect improvements by the time it hits the market. (Subscribe here and we will let you as the updates on this cute robot helper roll in!)

The Price: $699 (Pre-order deposit: $100)

Check it out here!


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