Drive Safe With This Simple Yet Awesome Gadget

article-4-e1490866106559-300x151Drop Stop is a really cool gadget that can save your money, time, and maybe even your life. You must have noticed that annoying hole between the seat and the console in your car where things like loose change, makeup, food, and even your phone are bound to fall in. Then comes long minutes of searching under the dirty seat, blindly navigating with your hands in hopes that you may find what just fell down.
Usually, people turn up with things they dropped months, or even years ago, when they try finding in desperation what they had just dropped. This can be a rather dangerous exercise if your phone or wallet falls and you try to retrieve it while driving. But with Drop Stop, your driving experience will never be the same.


The Gadget:
Drop slot has a slot designed to go around the seatbelt and seamlessly anchor to the seat. Also, it fits the seat even when you slide or change position so there is never any need for readjustment once you have installed this cool gadget.
Made from high-grade Neoprene, Drop Stop is easy to clean and lasts long. All you have to do to clean is to take it out and wipe off the dirt.
It fits on both passenger’s and the driver’s seat and blends seamlessly with the interiors.


Should You Buy It?
Drop Stop is a very useful gadget that can make driving immensely safer for you and your family. Also, it saves you from the hassles of having things like jewelry, phones, gum, makeup, change, or more falling down your car seat gap. This gadget is available for less than 10 bucks and looking at the safety and comfort it provides, it is well worth the money.


The Price: $9.88


Check it out here!

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